3 Signs You Need Brake Repair Right Away in CDA

3 Signs You Need Brake Repair Right Away in CDAWhen you notice your brakes aren’t working as well as they used to, make getting them fixed a high priority. One of five auto accidents involve poorly functioning brakes, and ignoring brake problems could make you a statistic. To better protect yourself and those around you, heed these 3 signs you need brake repair right away in CDA.

Vibration and/or Grinding & Squealing Noises

Your brakes shouldn’t cause vibration or make noises when you apply them. Worn-out brake pads and shoes sometimes get so bad that they’re down to metal-on-metal, causing grinding and squealing. Brakes don’t function nearly as well in this state, and if left unrepaired, will begin to damage other expensive components. And if you feel increasing vibration when applying the brakes, your rotors are probably warped which also causes loss of stopping power and damage to other components. 

Your Brake Pedal Goes to the Floor

If your brake pedal suddenly depresses to the floor without stopping your vehicle, or it feels spongy and gets closer to the floor over time, it’s a sign your brakes are failing due to a fluid leak in your brake lines. Pumping the brake pedal can often get you stopped, then an immediate visit to a professional brake repair service to diagnose the problem is in order. For your and others’ safety, ou should never put off getting that diagnosis done. 

It Takes Longer to Stop

As your brakes wear over time, you may notice you need to apply them earlier and earlier to stop on time. Knowing your brakes are your defense against a collision, don’t take chances. Get them looked at right away.

Experiencing Any of These 3 Signs You Need Brake Repair?

Johnson Automotive is your source for all your brake service and repair needs. Our ASE-certified mechanics are seasoned auto repair pros with decades of combined experience. And as a Federated Car Care Center member with state-of-the-art computerized diagnostic equipment, you can be confident any auto repair work done by us is reliable and high quality. We also have financing available, so contact us today to set an appointment.

Heed These 3 Signs You Need Brake Repair in CDA

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