Why Get a Brake Check with New Tires in Hayden?

Brake-Check haydenThe next time you get new tires, it’s important to include a brake check with that service appointment. Your brakes and tires are a crucial part of what keeps your vehicle safe to drive. Understanding why tire changes are a great time to get your brakes looked at by a professional mechanic can help motivate you to book these services together.

Your Brakes May Be Due for Service

You can expect your car tires to last around 60,000 miles, and your brakes will last about the same, with some variation depending on your driving habits. It’s worth getting the brakes looked at if you’re already bringing your car in for new tires.

It’s Easier to Do At This Time

When your car tires have been removed from the vehicle, your auto mechanic can get better visibility and easier access to your brakes. With this close inspection the mechanic can identify possible problems before they become noticeable by you.

Ensure Brakes & Tires Work Well Together

New tires can require slight adjustment of your brakes to ensure all the key components are calibrated correctly. When you drive away, you’ll have total confidence in the safety of your vehicle’s driving and stopping capabilities.

Need a Brake Check Near Hayden?

Johnson Automotive is your local source for personalized service with clear  communication and affordable pricing for all your tire, brake repair and service needs. Our ASE-certified mechanics are seasoned repair pros with decades of auto repair experience, including brake services. And as a Federated Car Care Center member with state-of-the-art computerized diagnostic equipment, and financing available, you can feel confident that any auto repair work we do on your vehicle is trustworthy and reliable. So if you need help with your carburetor, A/C, tune-up, fluids, tires, brakes and alignment, steering or suspension, contact us today for quality results.

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Posted on September 16, 2023 | Published by Ignite Local | Related Local Business