Affordable Brake Service and Wheel Alignment in CDA, Dalton Gardens & Hayden

Affordable Brake Service and Wheel Alignment in CDA & HaydenThe importance of getting brake service and wheel alignment when it’s needed can’t be stressed enough. One of every five auto accidents is due to brake issues, and millions of tires wear out prematurely each year due to poor wheel alignment. Don’t ignore grinding or squealing when you apply your brakes, or your steering pulling to the right or left when driving or braking. Our team of automotive service experts makes sure all brake components are in good condition.

Brake Repair

Whether you have drum or disc brakes or a combination of the two, we’re expert at brake pad and shoe replacement and brake drum or disc resurfacing or replacement. And unlike many repair shops that needlessly force you to have your brake calipers replaced as part of a brake job, which doubles the cost, you won’t find that with us. We do brakes the old-fashioned way; honestly and transparently using top-quality parts.

The pros at Johnson Automotive provide expert and affordable brake service and wheel alignment from our convenient location in north CDA. Call today!

Wheel Alignment

If your vehicle is pulling to the right or left while driving, or you feel a vibration as you increase speed, or you notice more wear on one part of your tire tread surface than another, there’s a good chance your wheels have come out of proper alignment.  Most commonly caused by hitting a curb or chuckhole with some force, unaligned wheels can make steering unpredictable and dangerous, and cause excessive tire and steering component wear. Our wheel alignment pros can take care of many of these issues in just 30 minutes.

Brake Service and Wheel Alignment Experts in CDA & Hayden

The condition of your brakes can make the difference between an accident or a close call. Johnson Automotive is your local brake repair expert with affordable pricing and great service. Our ASE-certified mechanics are seasoned pros with decades of combined auto repair and service experience, and as a Federated Car Care Center member using state-of-the-art computerized diagnostic equipment, you can be confident in the work we do on your vehicle. We also offer easy financing, so if you need brake service and wheel alignment, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Love Driving Again with Brake Service and Wheel Alignment in the CDA, Dalton Gardens & Hayden Area

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